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Why Surfside Non-Surgical Orthopedics does not take your insurance…

When a patient says “Dr. Chapman does not take my insurance” it implies that the doctor chooses not to take the insurance. Most people don’t realize that doctors typically apply to be on ALL major insurances but have received the response “Thank you for your interest but we are presently closed to all Doctors in Florida at this time. “ Closed means even if you are in good standing with no law suits or disciplinary actions the insurance carrier will not allow you to be a provider. It is simply a cost saving measure. They hope that the patient will continue to pay their premium, but because they really want to see their doctor that they trust that they will then pay cash to see that doctor, and relieve the insurance company of having to pay for the patient to see that doctor. Frankly, it is very good business for the insurance company stockholders. However the patient and the doctor are left out. Managed care insurance company accountants are not stupid. If a patient writes a letter requesting that their doctor be accepted as a provider by the insurance carrier or they, the patient, will switch to an insurance that their doctor is on during the next open enrollment, it is surprising how quick the insurance carrier will call the doctor and ASK the doctor to be a provider for them. This is how it worked with Blue Cross/Blue Shield and Cigna. Surfside Non-Surgical Orthopedics is now a participating provider for both Blue Cross and Cigna.

Please do not be misled by representatives on the phone stating that “the doctor needs to apply”.  This is meant to mislead and result in ending the call as quickly as possible.

Only a written letter carries any weight. Phone requests are easily ignored. In an effort to make it easy for patients to request that Dr. Chapman be added as a provider to the insurance company an example letter and the address to a few major insurance carriers have been added below.

AETNA SAMPLE LETTER Click Here to Download