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Car Accident Injury Doctor

Here at Surfside Non-Surgical Orthopedics we are happy to help patients involved in motor vehicle accidents with all types of injuries. We work with your insurance and your attorney to assure the very best outcome. If you have just had a motor vehicle accident and don’t know where to start we can help direct you in how to begin with your automobile insurance. If you don’t have an attorney yet we work with all the top attorneys locally and would be happy to recommend attorneys near you that can help.

In addition to full medical care for a patient who has had a motor vehicle accident we also perform Emergency Medical Condition (EMC) evaluations for chiropractors and medical doctors.

Car Accident Injury Doctor | Boynton Beach, FL
Remember, there is a new law in Florida that following a motor vehicle accident a patient must be seen by a medical professional within 15 days of the accident to have access to their personal injury (PIP) protection insurance coverage. Don’t wait.

Following the motor vehicle accident you have 15 days to seek medical care or you lose access to the PIP insurance to pay for your medical care.

No. You do have to call your automobile insurance and open a claim if you want the insurance to pay for your medical care.

There is a relatively new Florida law intent on avoiding abuse of PIP insurance. Overall, in Florida you have guaranteed access to $10,000 of personal injury protection (PIP) insurance regardless of fault. However, after the first $2500 a patient must have an Emergency Medical Condition (EMC) evaluation to confirm the need for further care to have access to the remaining $7500.