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Frequently Asked Questions from Our Patients

 Yes. Usually you can drive following injections. No sedation is used in our procedures. Sometimes a patient can be light headed following a procedure in which case we just have them rest for 10-15 minutes. By then they are usually Ok to drive.

There are no studies delineating a max dose or max number of injection of corticosteroids. The issues come with too much volume (dose) in too short of a time for follow-up injections. Your Surfside physician takes great care in monitoring you dose, frequency, and side effects to give you the best care as safely as possible.

Following the motor vehicle accident you have 15 days to seek medical care or you lose access to the PIP insurance to pay for your medical care.

No. You do have to call your automobile insurance and open a claim if you want the insurance to pay for your medical care.

There is a relatively new Florida law intent on avoiding abuse of PIP insurance. Overall, in Florida you have guaranteed access to $10,000 of personal injury protection (PIP) insurance regardless of fault. However, after the first $2500 a patient must have an Emergency Medical Condition (EMC) evaluation to confirm the need for further care to have access to the remaining $7500.

No. A physical therapist close to your home or specializing in your particular condition can be recommended.

We work with a number of physical therapists around the area and often can recommend one near you. If you have one you prefer will always be happy to write you a prescription to see them.

Some insurances have paid for PRP in the past. Unfortunately, health care is changing literally by the day and presently most major insurances will not cover PRP. A prior authorization will be obtained but this does not guarantee that the insurance will pay for it.

X-radiation can accumulate over a lifetime so the younger you are the greatest overall risk. Great care is taken to limit exposure and do only what is medically necessary.

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 Yes. Sometimes it may require a day to prepare.

Yes. A written prescription can be given to take to any lab company at a later time. For example, if fasting is required.

No. We do not perform MRI’s and CT’s.