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How to leave a review

Today, the internet is the first place we look for information on everything from DVD players to plants. As a medical facility, our reputation is everything, and the internet is a big part of that. If you would like to share your experience to help others understand what I do and how I can help them, we have compiled a list of sites and steps to make it easy.


Enter Glenn Chapman,Trevor Tyner or George Christakis into search window, click on name, then take the survey


  • Under Find a Doctor, in the drop down menu select All Specialties
  • Type in Glenn Chapman, Trevor Tyner or George Christakis and click on that name when it pops up
  • Rate us (5 stars is the best, 1 being worst). Feel free to write of your experience as well.
  • www.vitals.com

  • At the very top, type in Glenn Chapman, Trevor Tyner or George Christakis then click on the correct name
  • Click on the Patient Reviews tab, then click the blue button “Write a Review”
  • www.facebook.com

    (Must Already Have Account)

  • In the search bar at the top, type in Surfside Non-Surgical Orthopedics, Sports Medicine and Pain
  • Click on the Review tab, click on the number of stars you choose: (5 = best, 1=worst), and write a review!